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Welcome To Elevate!

We are both a Hardcore raiding guild and a social guild working with the best of both worlds. We have some rules that we expect people to follow and respect while they are in our guild.
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Moomoo went balls deep into Sindy

Soulghast22, Sep 23, 10 4:36 AM.
For the second week in a row, we cleared the first 10 bosses in ICC10 in one night... and then, we downed Sindy! Lich King is next on our "to do" list. Hopefully we can put them on farm and get everyone their titles before cata :D Great job guys!

10/12 ICC10

TheOriginalCigma, Sep 17, 10 6:08 AM.
Progressed 10/12 ICC10, Very impressed with everyone. WE one shot Blood Princes, Blood Queen and Dream Walker. Many thanks to the pugs who joined us! Lets Down LK Monday!!

ICC 10

rhoadesdv, Sep 15, 10 2:44 AM.
Amazing job in ICC 10 doing great 1 shotting PP, did amazing one first 6 then Bam! One shot PP, grats to who got loot. Welcome our new healer Lifie, amazing healer. Grats to Iroh on his new weapons. And thank you to our pugs as well

A Successful week of raiding

Soulghast22, Sep 9, 10 5:58 AM.
So far this week we have managed to do a ToC10 and Ony10 full guild run, and also a partial Icc10 guild run going 7/12. We continue to make progress and gear our members. We will be doing weekly gearchecks, so make sure to post if you are interested in raiding!

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Moomoohealer, Sep 6, 10 7:19 AM.
--------As a member of <Elevate> you will be held to a standard of integrity and responsibility:

1. Do not “ninja loot.” For the purposes of this guild, this term is currently defined as clicking “Need” on an item that is not an upgrade (an item that is usable by your current character and has better stats than the item you are currently using) and/or is not appropriate for your character’s current spec (the talent tree you have chosen for your current character) or class.

2. Do not beg for items if you are passed over.

3. Do not “nerd rage” or you will be replaced. Nerd rage often involves reacting with an inappropriate level of annoyance or anger given the situation. Sometimes this includes yelling, excessive sarcasm, insults, or any combination of the three. If a fellow guildmate is not playing “up to standards,” then we expect you to assist them in a polite and helpful manner – offering advice (as long as it is appropriate and not rude or spiteful) and pointing them in the direction of information that might help them improve.

Ex. Check out the forums for some helpful guides. This website offers forums and tips specifically for tanks. This website has information on rotations, item upgrades, gems and enchants.

4. Do not “troll” in trade chat. Examples of trolling are, but are not limited to:
    Starting fights
    Picking fights with those starting them
    Saying things that aren’t true (usually with the intent of angering others)
    General rude behavior

5. Maintain a respectable and trustworthy image for our guild.

We are beginning to build a guild roster to establish our core group for initial raids.

---------Standard Raid Rules:

1. Those who sign up will have first priority in raids.
2. If you do not show up to a raid you have accepted, you will lose your spot in the next raid.
3. Those who are the most consistent will be granted a more permanent spot.
4. We expect everyone to be properly gemmed/enchanted for raids. (No Gems = No Spot)
5. Consumables will become mandatory while on guild runs.

--------Vent Rules/Expectations:

Disclaimer: Elevate Ventrilo is for mature players. If you are on vent, you will often be subjected to 18+ language/topics. If you will have an issue with this, you can always mute specific people.

1. Do NOT harrass any individual. If any inapporpriate behavior is reported to officers, actions will be taken, up to and including a permanent ban.
2. During raids, the Raid Leader will have complete authority over the vent channel. If "Clear Vent" is called, there will be complete silence except for the Raid Leader.
3. Before talking in vent, do a test transmute to make sure your sound settings are optimal.

--------Guild Ranks:

GM: Our illustrious guild leader.

Officers: The honored few.


Class Leads: Any class specific questions should be directed to these individuals.
Death Knight:  Tykku
Druid: xxxxx
Hunter: xxxxx
Mage: Alphaz
Paladin: xxxxx
Priest: Soulghast
Rogue: Nerd
Shaman: Sickmoron
Warlock: xxxxx

--------Current News:

Guild Heroic groups are currently being ran nightly to gear members. We are looking towards Ulda/ToC 10 within the next 2 weeks. If you are interested in a raid spot, maintain communication with Soulghast and/or . Gear checks will be done weekly to update raid status for members hoping for spots.

It is our goal to be a competitve top raiding guild, and with such a goal each member of this guild should strive to elevate themselves above the sea of mediocre players and make this guild proud.
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